What’s left of us…

Did you ever consider that we all sell ourselves ? Why, when and how ?

I’m not talking about selling yourself as the people that get caught on “Cops” do, if you catch my drift, I’m talking about selling little pieces of ourselves in our every day life. We go to a school , to get an education and finally get a job. During this process we start selling ourselves. We trade values , sell our values for new ones or simply give them up for free to gain social status or to simply get that “You valid” stamp. We are thought how to think, WHEN to think and what to think and if you don’t get in line with our values and traditions you’ll lose your sign of approval from friends, co workers and family.

So when do we sell ourselves?
We go to a job where our valuable time is sold to an employer that give you a certain rate per hour. We are told to produce more material, write more reports or fix more cars then ever before and this has an impact on our behavior and health.

Do we work to live or live to work ?

Ask yourself the question without it sounding like it has some great deeper meaning and take a complete stop for a few minutes to  reflect.

Are you where you want to be in your life? If you are that’s great but if not.. how do we change it? CAN we even change it ?

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