Make it happen…

Time to get down to trying to make a positive view on life be the only view on life.

I´ve failed to see sometimes how blessed I am with having a great life including my son, girlfriend,family and friends. Sometimes it takes so little to just put yourself in a grey spot and the colors of the world seem to disappear for a while.

We want to have it all ?

Don’t we want to have it all? A great job, an amazing girlfriend and the beach body all year around combined with the newest Iphone and Xbox?

It takes work on getting the things we want and it takes even more work on oneself to really see what we want. Often needing something is more important. Do I need a new phone or do I want one? I need my social circles and family life, some people want a 999+ count of friends on FB but all you need is a close circle of friends. Has some of our wants become needs ?


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