Be careful with the !

Sent a couple of letters to my students that has failed to turn in any work during the semester to speed up the process since they will have the grades next month. I used big letters and !. Now the students complain that I am aggressive in my letters and they find it very annoying. ( I mean its not annoying for me that they failed every test so far and blame me , anyways ). So I guess the BIG LETTERS and the ! must have made a big impact.

Fellow teachers be aware of the !


Make it happen…

Time to get down to trying to make a positive view on life be the only view on life.

I´ve failed to see sometimes how blessed I am with having a great life including my son, girlfriend,family and friends. Sometimes it takes so little to just put yourself in a grey spot and the colors of the world seem to disappear for a while.

We want to have it all ?

Don’t we want to have it all? A great job, an amazing girlfriend and the beach body all year around combined with the newest Iphone and Xbox?

It takes work on getting the things we want and it takes even more work on oneself to really see what we want. Often needing something is more important. Do I need a new phone or do I want one? I need my social circles and family life, some people want a 999+ count of friends on FB but all you need is a close circle of friends. Has some of our wants become needs ?

Speaking of

Beside this blog project, my friend and I , will start some what of a Insta/YT thing dedicated to lifestyle, friendship , training and everything that two “bros” might come across.

Right now we are trying to figure out a name for the project and how to set it up so I guess, in a while , I’ll be posting the first link to the INSTA/YT or whatever it might turn out to be. And be aware , I shall use the hashtags as my personal weapon to try to reach out in this big giant web of the Internet. I know my last topic was addiction to social media and I hope to overcome the stress by having a joint account with my friend.


How easy is it to just pull the plug on social media?

It may seem like a fairly easy question to some but to disconnect from social media might seem more of a challenge than you might think. I can only refer to myself as I really became an Instagram junkie and Facebook “update everything you eat and see” kind of a person.

To start with people ( mainly male friends ) why I take so much photos and update my social media so much and when my S/O, that is not a big fan of started to get annoyed with it , I began to rethink what it did to me. Was I being social to people that just pushed a “like” button and missing out on the real things ?

Yes, at least for me it took a big chunk of my time. A chunk of time I didn’t even know was that big as it later turned out to be. So, in order to end this time consuming thing , I quit cold turkey with both Instagram and Facebook. I don’t mean I just uninstalled the apps because I knew it wouldn’t help, I mean actually deleting all accounts that took my time. I deleted my Instagram account, I mailed FB to have my Facebook account permanently shut down and I quit on Snapchat, though I later took snapchat up again. Who can resist those cute little filters, right ?

The results being that I became more focused on my life and my stress levels declined fast.

Now the fun side of this is that all the people that use to mock me for spending time on social media started to call and text me asking if I’m doing ok. Like I was sick or been in some kind of accident. Natural reply  being that I’m fine the next question became ” Are we not friends anymore? Did I do something? ”

No, we are fine and why all the questions became the standard reply. Well, according to Instagram and FB I can’t check your pictures or profile anymore so what’s up?

When being told I deleted all social media most reactions were that ” It’s a little extreme to delete it all. You could just cut down on it.”

No way to please some people I guess…. and why should we please other people to begin with..

/ Marcus


What’s left of us…

Did you ever consider that we all sell ourselves ? Why, when and how ?

I’m not talking about selling yourself as the people that get caught on “Cops” do, if you catch my drift, I’m talking about selling little pieces of ourselves in our every day life. We go to a school , to get an education and finally get a job. During this process we start selling ourselves. We trade values , sell our values for new ones or simply give them up for free to gain social status or to simply get that “You valid” stamp. We are thought how to think, WHEN to think and what to think and if you don’t get in line with our values and traditions you’ll lose your sign of approval from friends, co workers and family.

So when do we sell ourselves?
We go to a job where our valuable time is sold to an employer that give you a certain rate per hour. We are told to produce more material, write more reports or fix more cars then ever before and this has an impact on our behavior and health.

Do we work to live or live to work ?

Ask yourself the question without it sounding like it has some great deeper meaning and take a complete stop for a few minutes to  reflect.

Are you where you want to be in your life? If you are that’s great but if not.. how do we change it? CAN we even change it ?